• Ash D

    by  • July 8, 2011 • Depression • 0 Comments

    I miss you, you may think i dont, but i do, i wanna say you do, you told me you have but you juss didnt show it good enough, and it still shows now that you dnt mean what you say, i want what you say to be true, i really do, but FUCK, why do you act different to me, and always juss push me aside, i dont care bout the others, its you, I dont want you to see me as the others but i think you do, im going to war soon, is that the only reason your close to me, im not your puppy doll. I want you to know that i’d chase the stars for you, but i dont think you’d ever turn back. I wish i could sleep at night, but your face keeps coming to my mind, it dosnt bother me, it juss leaves me awake, if anythin happier than i was before cause your face can always make me in a good mood, your lips, your eyes, but it leaves me wonderin, hopin, but the sad reality is there, you juss dont think of me the way ya used to. I wish you never said you missed me the other day. It jussed opened up the wound that you made from before. Your stuck in my head, it dont bother me tho, i kinda dont want you to leave it, i do and i dont, in my head your a ghost, i can see you, but i cant touch you or kiss you like before. I huess this is how it is for me, loder in school, got no girls, people i thought were freinds. Im hopin the military will give me a chance, one that you didnt give me, It might lead me to death, but i really dont care, im doin infantry because of that, i thought i would have a reason to come back, i guess i dont tho. I hope that you can remember me, I know you wont, i wish you can read this letter. I know you wont. Now all i got left is stinkin memories, I miss ya to death so im drinkin henessy, i want to drown my sorrows, but i know they can swim. I miss you

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