• more than my best friend

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    Dear best friend,

    i’m afraid i’m falling in love with you. sorry but i am. we’re more than friends. you fucking know that. we’re “friends with benefits”. it is not possible to makeout with your best friends multiple times without feeling something more.

    you wanna know why?

    because we are already connected emotionally, mentally, humorously, anyway you can think of. except physically. once you add the physical connection, you’ve got it all. we have it all now. everything i could ask for.

    i know i promised you i wouldn’t do this. i promised i wouldn’t fall for you. i promised i wouldn’t want you. but here’s the thing…i KNOW you feel the same way about me. usually i hope or think i can tell. but not this time. i know. but the sad thing:

    i know you won’t date me.
    i know you’re scared to let go.
    to let go of your freedom. all of your careless flirting.
    your female friends.
    being the hot guy everyone wants.
    you won’t give it up for me.

    i know why you “love what we have”, it’s because you still have me. you have me like you always have. and now you have the physical perks of me. but…you still have that freedom. here’s the deal…

    i can’t do this anymore.

    i don’t know how long i can drag this on without needing more. wish i could say all this to you without stuttering or tearing up but i don’t know if i can. so for now i won’t say anything.

    love: me.

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