• Dear GOD…

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    I know i’ve had my fair share and more of mistakes and sins. I know you always forgive everyone equally no matter what, but i wonder if you will ever be able to forgive me? Some of the sins ive committed, i can’t even forgive myself for, like being so easy in the past with guys… i gave them the best purest gift of all… me… i lost my virginity at 15 and have had sex with more than a handful of guys since then and i’m only 18. I cuss like a sailor, and even use your name in vain. I have lied to pretty much everyone i love. And when my dad was still here, i took him for granted, didn’t respect him or honor him, (i love my dad so much and i miss him so much and i’m afraid he’s gonna move on with his life and he’s not gonna love me the same way he’s gonna love his new family…only you know that God.) i’ve committed so many more sins… i’m truly sorry for all the sins i’ve committed. I will try to become better and praise you and believe in you and give my life to you have faith in you, because deep down in my heart i know you’re real, i know you put me here on this earth for a purpose. I also want to thank you for all the blessings you have given me in my life. I thank you for my amazing loving mom, even tho she needs you more than i do sometimes she’s an amazing mom and i love her to death, you gave me the perfect mom. I also thank you for blessing me with my dad, who doesn’t always show or tell me he loves me but i know he loves me, and i just wish he could see how much i love him, thank you for amazing parents even if they aren’t together. I know i wasn’t easy to put up with growing up, but you have given me parents who are kind loving and have such big hearts and love for me. I also thank you for my wonderful grandma, she already found you, God, when i was younger i wish i listened to her more and read the bible more so maybe i wouldn’t have made the mistakes, sins, and regrets i have made in my life. my grandma is honestly the best grandma in the world, not cuz she gives me money, but because she has faith in you and she loves me so much she loves me like her own daughter. I thank you every day for the wonderful family you have blessed me with. I also thank you for blessing me with my amazing caring and loving boyfriend, i know he has had a rough past too, he’s made the same sins and mistakes i have, he also lost faith in you, but tonight he’s the one who has made me want to reconnect with you and have more faith in you and be a better person. Thank you God for blessing me with my soulmate at such a young age (only you know what i did to him in the beginning… i’m sorry for that you know how much i love him please don’t take him away from me) i know he loves me and i love him, thank you for giving me a boyfriend who has the same beliefs as i do and who believes and has faith in you… together we will make you proud God. i don’t completely understand everything there is to know about you but i’m going to learn and read the bible everyday and praise your name and pray everyday. I’m going to need time to completely open up and share my faith in you to everyone but i will because i know without you i wouldn’t exist, so i want to give my life to you. Please help me stay true to my word… i love you God <3

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    1. hope
      July 7, 2011 at 9:12 pm

      Your faith is encouraging to me. I have made very different mistakes, but mistakes the same. The words of Mike Donehey, lead singer of Tenth Avenue North I find most encouraging.

      “Yes. Choices have repercussions, and they have a lot to do with where you end up.

      But here’s the gospel: Where you end up is not who you are.

      What you do is not who you are. If you are in Christ,
      who you are is what has been done for you.”

      My hope is that I can encourage you as you have encouraged me. thanks.

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