• Can We?

    by  • July 7, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Soulmate • 1 Comment

    Can we cuddle and sip tea every morning?
    Can we ramble on about our hopes and dreams all night?
    Can escape the world and go on impromptu adventures?
    Can we roll in the grass every Sunday until we’re sun-soaked and itchy?
    Can you scream every once and a while so that I know there’s a passion within you?

    Can you be wild?
    And lovely?
    And fiery?
    And humble?
    And excited?
    And completely present to the brilliance of life?

    Can we play tag and act like we’re kids again?
    Can we be childish, crazy, and fantasize?
    Can we lie in bed all day and wrestle in the sheets?
    Can you tell me all of your secrets?
    Can we cook spicy food for all of our friends?

    Can you be compassionate?
    And comfortable?
    And genuine?
    And lazy?
    And intrigued?
    And open to being lost with me?

    Can we bike along a moonlit forest trail in October?
    Can we walk through the rain and jump in every puddle?
    Can you listen as I spill out all my heart-pounding ambitions?
    Can we be messy, creative, and lose all inhibition?
    Can we love, grow, and just BE together?

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