• Age.

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    You are basically 10 years older than me.
    What are you doing with your life? It seems like nothing.
    I wanted to do the things we did, but it’s because you look, act, dress like someone much younger.
    You knew my age though…how did you justify the circumstances? Just because I act more mature? Being drunk is not good enough. Having a dick is not good enough.
    You must be an idiot.
    I thought I knew you enough that I would be comfortable going home with you, I was comfortable doing all those things. I wanted to do them.
    But now that I know your age I won’t do anymore. I won’t do drinks. I won’t have the fling I wanted. It would be wrong. Even though it may have felt right, I know that had I realized your age, I would not have even considered doing any of those things. Your age makes you look like a loser, and makes it seem like you are taking advantage of me. Even though I let you do stuff, cause I have needs too.
    It is too weird. Thanks for being all cool about it. Too bad you weren’t the age I thought you were.
    The worst part of it all is that you realize how smart I am for telling you straight up that that one night was never gonna happen again. You told me that I was smart, that I was silly too, but smart.

    And yeah I guess I just want to say that I would have been smarter had I known that magic number. No regrets, just mistakes.

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