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    The stuff we’ve been through,

    the ups and the downs

    through the smiles and the frowns.

    From day one, I’ve been by your side

    even when I found out I was just the dessert on the side.

    I chose to stick by you,

    not caring what people thought.

    Because I loved you and you loved me or at least so I thought.

    You made my day, and you made my night.

    But now all you try to do is pick a fight.

    The words you said, hurt me more than any action could

    you might as well take a knife and cut an open wound.

    I didn’t care what people thought, but those words coming out of your mouth

    hurt more than what I could bear.

    Realizing, that’s what you actually thought of me.

    You don’t see me as the girl that will be with you through thick and thin.

    You see me as the girl who’s just there for a fun thing.

    Thinking I was something more, man was I just stupid

    Because I said I love you, and you said it too…. the only difference is, was, and

    will be that I didn’t lie to you…

    This was the final straw, I cannot go on. I will no longer be single, will no longer

    be committed but rather reserved. Saved for the one who really deserves me.

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