• You’re making a mistake.

    by  • July 6, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Breaking Up • 0 Comments

    You’re making a mistake. We spent three years of our lives together. We’ve been through the worst lows and the best highs. You used to fight for our relationship, our friendship, me. What happened? You said you don’t love me anymore. How do you just fall out of love? Maybe you never were in love. You’re making a mistake. You won’t find another girl like me. You won’t find someone with a bigger heart than me. You won’t find someone who could possibly forgive you for the horrible things you’ve done, and still find room in their heart to love you. You won’t find someone who could make you laugh as hard as I did. You’re losing the best thing to ever happen to you, all for attempting to find someone out there better for you? You’re going to end up sad and alone. You lost everything. Your friends, your life, and most importantly, me. The one person who stuck up for you. The one person who cared about you the most. The one person who would do ANYTHING for you. The one person who would give their life for you. You lost her. You lost me. I would give anything to just go back to what we had. No one can compare to you. I don’t feel comfortable with anyone else, but you. I still love you. I still want you. But I don’t want to anymore. You don’t deserve my love. The only thing I can take comfort in right now is that someday, you’ll realize you made the biggest mistake of your life by letting me go and you’ll end up settling for less. But I, I will have found someone to make my life so beautiful, so filled with love and passion, that i will have forgotten all about you. But you will end up spending your life dwelling in sadness and settle for second best, for I WAS the best thing you’ll ever have.

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