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    To you,

    You know who you are. You know exactly why I’m composing this. You know the pain and the hurt you’ve brought upon my life. You know the joy and the love you’ve also brought to it.

    You know that I love you. You know that I’ve done so much to keep you. You might also know the things I’ve done to push you away.

    You know that I’ll be here for you, waiting for you. You know that you’re going to walk away from me anyways. You know you’ll string me along like your favorite toy then toss me to the ground like the rubbish you know I am.

    You know you’ve broken me into a thousand pieces and you know you are the only thing to put me back together. You know I won’t chase you when you leave, but you also know that no matter what, I’d take you back in a second.

    You know that, no matter what, I am yours.

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    1. Sue
      July 6, 2011 at 12:07 pm

      ‘You know that you’re going to walk away from me anyways’

      If you know this, why are you letting her/him go?
      If you feel so deeply, why?

      Why would he/she come back to you if it was okay for you
      to just let go?


      I feel so deeply every single word you expressed. Partially coming from exactly how I feel and partially of imagining that may be how he feels. So sad and no, not comforting at all but rather sad.

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