• Why can’t he see?

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    Dear M,

    We met 4 years ago and became instant friends. I thought you were super attractive and funny and easy to talk to and I had the biggest crush on you. You knew it. You knew that I wanted more (mainly because our friends like to meddle in our business). You seemed interested in me too…or at least I thought you were since we had dinner together almost every night and we would go see movies together and just hangout and watch Cash Cab like it was our job. Then I found out you were interested in my best friend so I gave up…never stopped wanting you though. 3 years, and one shitty relationship later, I still want you. You were there for me when I went through hell and back with my ex and I was there for you when you got burned by your ex-girlfriend (who I still think is the biggest idiot in the world for letting you go but I was secretly happy that she did cause it meant you were available again) All this time, even while I was dating my ex I constantly wondered “Why can’t he see it? Why can’t he see that we would be perfect?” You always talk about how love isn’t real and how you don’t want to even attempt to look for it anymore…What if you didn’t have to? What if I could show you that it was real? Im right here and I have been all along. Wanting and waiting for you to see me. Really see me. I would never hurt you like she did. I would never let you slip away if you were mine and I promise Im worth it if you would just open your eyes. Of course this is the only way I could tell you this because I would be too afraid this load of information would screw up our friendship and I would lose you completely so for now, this will have to do. Hopefully some day soon you will wake up and realize what I have known for the past 4 years…

    With love,

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