• The Story of Us

    by  • July 6, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Love - Pure and Simple, Waxing Poetic • 0 Comments

    Every time I look at the trees,
    I think of how we climbed so high
    Very high
    So high
    Like our dreams we used to share
    And how we could laugh
    Laugh with ease
    So simple
    So small
    And yet it played such a big roll

    And every time I look at the Sea
    I imagine your clear blue sparkling eyes on me
    And how they shown
    Like a cloudless day
    And said the words you need not say

    And every time I look at the stars
    I think of your face
    Always your face
    Your face
    Smiling at me
    Always smiling

    Except that one dark day
    When your laugh was gone
    The sparkle in your eyes, gone
    Your smile, your sweet smile,

    And that night I cried and cried
    And wondered why
    And thought of the look in your eyes
    The one with your eyes
    The eyes that said what you need not say
    The ones that said you were going away

    And I remember feeling empty
    Very sad
    So sad
    And thought only of tomorrow
    That this would go away
    That I would just disappear
    And never return.
    Like I thought you would never return

    Yet when that day came
    A beautiful day
    Have you ever seen such a gorgeous day?
    When you can in
    And pulled me in
    And told me you would stay
    That you would always return
    That you never meant for me to hurt
    And that you always planned to return to me
    And you said that you loved me
    And you said all of these things
    With your laugh that reminds me of trees
    And your face that remind me of twinkling stars
    But most of all
    I should say

    We did not say a single word, for there was no need,
    Because I saw all of these wonderful, glorious things
    In your eyes that remind me of the sea
    Your eyes that sing to me
    The ones that said the words
    You need not say.

    I wish I could send this to someone I love. This really and truly is the story of us, except I dreamed that he came back, and I'm still waiting for the happy ending. The only thing I can do now is hope and pray that he comes home safely…

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