• Not a relationship

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    I think you are one of the most genuine guys I have met. People may say you are a player and you say you don’t talk to girls for longer than 10 days but I don’t agree. Some girl has to have broken your heart for you to be so closed off with girls- but not me. When you look at me I fall deep into you. I have never had someone look at me for as long as you do- you just look right at me without even hesitating or looking away. I want to prove everyone wrong, I want them to see that you can be a one girl man – but I don’t want to be your official girlfriend, I just want to spend time with you and it not be official. I’ve gone through college thinking I wanted a relationship but I’ve realized that i don’t need a relationship to be close to someone or feel needed. I just want to be your best friend, your girl, and be there when you need me. I wanted to kiss you so badly last time i saw you and i regret not. you don’t need a girlfriend you need a best friend to teach you how to treat a girl and for you to be able to fall for someone instead of them falling for you.


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