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    by  • July 6, 2011 • Frustration • 0 Comments

    I would like to start off by saying that while writing this letter, I am letting go of all the chains you have put on Gabe, myself, and our relationship. I have finally realized that you are absolutely not worth any of my time or worries. I have let you subconsciously bring me down and destroy my relationship with Gabe for way too long.

    With that being said, here goes nothing.

    You are a bitch. You are jealous. You are hateful. You are immature.. You are insignificant. You are spiteful. Very, very spiteful. You are a drama queen. And you are a very low life, resentful person. You are obviously hurt about the current situation, and still have feelings for Gabe.

    You have put me through so much, and I have harbored one too many ill-willed feelings toward yourself. You have made me say things I have said about no other person, and you have made me threaten to do things that I have threatened to do to no other person. You have spiked hatred in my heart, and you have caused a never-ending battle for dominance, truth, and acceptance. You have put me through so much agonizing..

    And you want to know what I’ve realized?

    You’re not worth it. You are not worth a single nasty thought floating through my head. You are small and insignificant, (and possibly even misunderstood). But YOU are not worth any of my time.

    You do not hold a candle to me in either looks, personality, or heart.

    You do not control my relationship with Gabe, or the level of trust I have in him.

    You do not mean anything.

    I apologize for any harsh words I have said to or about you. They were said out of frustration. And although I will never respect you enough to feel pity for you, I do apologize for the way you are. Your immaturity and starvation for attention are sad and lamentable traits to have. I am sorry that you harbor so many harsh feelings that you feel the need to disrupt other peoples lives, and harass them both verbally and mentally on a regular basis. I am sorry for any pain I have caused you, and I am sorry for the way these events have worked out.

    You are possibly a good person under all of these unkempt emotions you harbor.

    But then again, probably not.
    Go fall in a ditch.

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