• Moment Catcher

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    Thinking about you makes my heart smile
    Loving you makes my body quiver
    When you look at me, the way that you do,
    It makes me feel like you’re searching my soul
    When you touch me, the way that you do,
    It makes me feel like you’re one with me
    There are no words needed for the passion we share
    No words would even be fitting for our connection
    I’ve never wanted to feel this way about anyone
    I’ve never wanted someone to complete me
    You make me want to be a better woman,
    Someone who lets go of everything to be submissive to your desires
    Both you and I know it to be true,
    That day will never come
    When I think back on the moments we’ve shared,
    It makes me tremble with smiles of sorrow
    To never know love is a feeling I’ll never be without
    To never have love is a feeling I’ll always be with

    To You Know Who You Are:

    When we met, there was a pull of attraction in the universe. We didn’t know the magnitude of the pull at the time, but we both felt it. It wasn’t until later, after getting to know one another that we realized that our connection was special. Getting to know one another was like getting to know myself because we were so much alike. You may never know the appreciation that I have for you for truly taking an interest in me. You and I would always argue over your caring nature because I felt you were trying to change me but I never told you that you made me feel loved and special that someone actually did care enough about me to tell me about the danger that I invite in my life. You see, no one like yourself has ever come into my life so it is difficult to allow myself to be unguarded and open. But you pushed and tugged your way in and the moment I allowed myself to be vulnerable and open to you, you took your love away from me. The pain I felt was next to unbearable. Not pain from you, but from my own self. For you and I know that my “ways” pushed you away from me. It was like I could feel the happiness that I was about to endure slip away from my soul. Since that day, I have replayed the events over and over in my head. I wished I could have said what I really felt instead of using my anger to hide my sadness. I wish I could go back and do it all over. But since I can’t, just know that I will always love you. I feel as if I am closing this unwritten book of mine too soon as I feel there are things that the universe wants from “us” and since you are unable to forget and I am unable to adapt to the way you need me, I will always have our “moments”.

    Love always,
    Your Soulmate

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