• Everything I can never tell you

    by  • July 6, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Love - Pure and Simple • 0 Comments

    I love you and not in some be my boyfriend nauseating high school/romantic comedy kind of way, but I LOVE you. When I met you a little over a year ago I never would have thought that you would make such a big impact on my life in fact I never thought we would speak again. You are the most genuine, kindest, sensitive, and sweet boy that I ever met, and you took my world and tipped it upside down. However, this is unknown to you and all of our closet friends with handful of exceptions. You don’t know that every time you text me I get butterflies. You don’t know that hearing you talk about other girls breaks my heart. You don’t know that when I sleep I dream of what our life would be like together, and you never will know any of this because I can never tell you. I can’t tell you because I have this paralyzing fear that you won’t feel the same way. I can’t tell you because we’re best friends and I would rather suffer everyday for the rest of my life then lose your friendship. Hopefully the pain will cease one day, and I will be able to move on, but until then I love you.

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