• Dear Mom

    by  • July 6, 2011 • Parents • 1 Comment

    It is not supposed to be a privilege for us to spend time with you—so stop acting like it is. News flash, that is not how ‘family’ works. So you can take your holier-than-thou attitude and shove it up your ass. No one in the world makes me feel shittier than you do, so maybe it isn’t such a privilege for me to be around you after all. You must save all of your niceness for the outside world because you are a bitch inside of this house. Fuck you.

    Next time you stomp out or pout because your kid’s “don’t like you,” consider the reasons behind the dislike. There are several.

    1. You are a bitch.
    2. You left dad for a fucker who you can’t even introduce to your family
    3. You put yourself in a separate category as us, because we’re ‘spoiled’.
    4. You spend as little time as possible at home and when you are home you can’t wait to get out.
    5. You lie, constantly.
    6. You play the victim, constantly.
    7. You make me feel like a speck of shit on a hair on a cow’s ass.

    Have a great day, and evening too because I know you won’t come home.


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    1. Loralei
      July 7, 2011 at 1:49 pm

      We’re in the same boat. Everything you just described is everything my mother is. I don’t call her a mom, there’s a big difference between being a mom and a mother. We have mother’s, they just gave birth to us, that’s all they really are anymore.

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