• Dear Adra,

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    You’re my friend. You’re my church friend… this is why I could never tell you anything about how I feel when I’m with you. Nor about when we’re apart. You have helped me through so frecken much and this is how I’m thanking you. By not telling you how much I like you I am helping to tone down your stress level a bit. I feel like you know how I feel though…I think you have a hint of feelings for me too. But I might just be searching for shadows in the dark ya know? This is the only safe place I can vent how I feel or how I think to you directly. I wish we could have something….when I wore your clothes last night I could smell you on them. It was almost comforting….it made me almost forget about what had happened to all of our things. About how violated I feel. I wish I could help you with everything you feel and everything your going through…but…I’m only a child. In your eyes I’m a kid who’s confused and broken from everything she has been through. It’s true. But I could never be what I want to be in your eyes.
    Caitlin J.

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