• Damn you Josh

    by  • July 6, 2011 • Frustration • 0 Comments

    why, why in the fuck did you have to say her name? your ruined all of our progress, all of the work at fixing this fucked up friendship so destroyed by emotionally cheating and never admitting to anything. why did you say her name like that? how you used to say mine with so much desire you want her, you bastard, you want my best friend after you just walked away you didn’t even give me a chance to decide who i was picking who had my damn heart you just stopped. i blame you you’re messing everything up … it’s been 15 months of hell with him bc i can’t stop thinking that i love you more and you know this and yet when we’re finally in a semi safe place a situation where we aren’t talking about how much we love each other and everything that’s wrong. a place where it’s just me and you existing as friends you said her name you told me you fantasized about loving her you told me i was nothing your biggest mistake and you ruined it all … you’re like this infection that i can’t get ride of… and i hate you so much for breaking my heart over and over and over and over and OVER AGAIN
    WHY DID YOU SAY HER NAME of all the girls in this world ANYONE would have been better but HER really you asshole … YOU KNEW HOW MUCH IT HURT and you wanted me to feel that pain where your heart is splitting into two FUCKING parts well congrats because you did that so well.

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