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    I have been your daughter for 21 years. I would like to think that you love me more than anything else, that I am enough and that you would never hurt me. Unfortunately I know that there is one thing you love more than me, one thing that will always come first alcohol. You see I love you but I am so sick of trying to compete with liquor. You’re my dad so start acting like one and stop acting like a drunk. I am sorry but when I move out don’t expect me to pick you up from the bar any more, don’t think I’ll loan you money anymore and don’t think I will listen to you yelling about nothing anymore. I wish I could help you but you just don’t want help at all. So I am sure you will understand that it is time for me to start living my life separately from you and you’ll have to excuse me but I don’t want you in my life until you fix your own.

    Your daughter

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