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    by  • July 6, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Frustration • 0 Comments

    I must be that person. That person people just sit down next to and tell their life story to. You did it. But you were different. You were interesting.

    You plopped right down next to me after we had talked a bit earlier and started telling me everything. I had almost gotten bored until you started to ask my opinions. On your life, on mine. There was no judgement. You just found it all fascinating. I mocked you for talking to much. You scoffed at that and we went our seperate ways. Then on Monday, there you were, right back next to me, continuing to talk away. You liked to analyze people. We sat there side by side while you examined all the situations in the room around us. You made me think, and you made me smile. You were cocky, but you at least were honest in your thoughts. You had no filter, and I liked that. You brought me out of my comfort zone, made me say what I was thinking. Everyone these days likes to spread on the crap to ease the truth, but not you. You were dead set on fixing the world, one person at a time. These traits made you likeable, oh so likeable. But I liked you as a friend, not romantically. You told me the same. We were happy to be platonic. However, people like to interfere in other’s lives. Caffeine induced match-makers were determined to set us up and have us live happily ever after. You saw it as an advance by me, and closed off. No contact. Nothing. What the hell happened? I had trusted you. I liked hearing you talk, and what you had to say. You were good company. I want my friend back.

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