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    my “twin,”

    are you gonna kiss me or not? are we gonna do this or what?

    they’ve been talking about it all year and we didn’t think much of it. or at least, i didn’t. until the end. and i realized what the hell. you need it, i need it. we’re both completely in the same situation, no commitment, just in major need of a make out seshh before we go away. it was supposed to happen at prom! we made a whole plan! a dark corner at laser tag, i turn the corner and pin you up against the wall and “release my inner sex goddess.” why didn’t that happen? well, there was no dark corner at laser tag, first of all. ugh but why does it have to be on me?! why can’t YOU do it?? you’re the guy, come onnnn. it’s so obvious to everyone else that this needs to happen, it finally became obvious to me, WHY can’t it become obvious to you?!

    angry you’re not answering my wall posts and you keep stealing my players,
    your “twin”

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