• The paranoia

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    To my best friend, this is dedicated to you. We’ve been friends for more than half our lives and yet we’re still going strong-or not any more; as I lie in bed at midnight and think of all the things that happened at that amazing 16th birthday party of our friend.

    You offered me and our other friend to sleep at your house last week for two days. The first day was cancelled…and for the second day you couldn’t even have a lift to your own house (which is nearby) after the party, while the other friend was not allowed to go anyway. So I decided that it would be better if we cancelled everything.

    My parents offered you a lift home, on condition that we left 30 minutes early so that they could also pick up my sister from her friend’s house. You accepted at first, but then realised that you wanted to stay longer at the party. My parents were furious. My mum told me that you were rude and demanding and selfish. She asked me if you’re a real friend for doing that.

    No wonder I doubt that you’re a true friend. I am bombarded by such experiences and comments that I no longer know how to think as well as how to choose the right friendship paths in life. No wonder I used to ask you almost daily if we were still best friends. No wonder I feel this way.

    Are we still best friends, or are you bored of me like the two-faced person I sometimes perceive you as?

    I cry thinking about this, it’s such a little thing yet it’s too much for me to handle.

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