• Teenagers and parents

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    Why is it, that parents’ and teenagers’ minds often end up in conflict with each other?

    Why are they afraid of their little ones growing up?

    Why do they object to our opinions and views on life?

    Why…..why is it that they often do not want to support their teenage children in the most crucial years of their life?

    I can’t understand.

    And why is it that they always judge the friends we make, especially those close ones? Are our friends as ugly or rude or useless or evil or not good enough as our parents think?

    They’re our friends, not theirs!

    And what about racism? Why do parents tend to object to us being friendly with people of different colours or race? What’s so wrong? They’re not monsters!

    And what about when we say something that is true and later our parents accuse us of lying? Why do they do that? Do they think they are so perfect that they could judge a book by its cover? Really?

    I must say that even though I really love my parents, they don’t try to help me make my teenage years better, but instead they fill it up with prejudices and lies and accusations besides the love they have given me since I was born.

    Thanks to them and these ugly teenage years I am now a paranoid freak, with no reason to live and probably with friends who talk behind my back.

    Teenagers just end up as freaks when their parents barely support them in life. Just like me.

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