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    I know we are soulmates even though we are not together in the physical sense. I have enjoyed being your friend and I miss the days we hung out everyday and I know you miss it too. I have always enjoyed listening to your stories and I miss you telling them to me.

    I just want to say that sometimes I hear you say things in my head and most of the time what I hear makes sense after I think about what I heard. And I know I am not crazy, because I read that soulmates have this sort of telepathy ability. Knowing that it does happen somehow eases my mind and has allowed me to let go of the fear I was going crazy like my Mom.

    Do you remember that “mmm mmm mmm” episode? I’m sure you remember the day my fork slipped out of my hand when you repeated it out loud that night at supper after I had heard you say it the exact same way in my head earlier that day. I saw the look on your face afterwards… you somehow knew you had gotten to me. AND YOU DID!! I am not sure if that was telepathy that time or because you read about it on the confession site I was on at the time… if so you already know how I feel about you, although you might have gotten a few of the confessions mixed up with someone else confessing similar feelings.

    Anyway, I am getting off track here. I just wanted to somehow get the word out that I thought I heard you say something yesterday. I thought I heard you say one of two things.. not sure which. I thought I heard you say “Phil’s coming” (using a false name here to protect the innocent) maybe you were saying “I thought you were coming even if ‘Phil’s coming'” or maybe it was “You didn’t come just because you heard that ‘Phil’s coming'” OR maybe you said “Was coming” indicating you thought I ‘was coming’ to see you on your favorite day of the year.

    Anyway, I heard you and I am sorry I didn’t make it but I have a feeling she didn’t want me there and that is why I didn’t hear from her all weekend, although she says she lost her phone. Maybe you didn’t want me there and that is why she did that, I really don’t know the whole truth and probably never will.

    I have to wonder if you hear the messages I send you…

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    1. missing my soulmate
      February 29, 2012 at 11:52 am

      Was glad to read this, as it confirms that I’m not nuts, it happens to other people too. Have been missing my soulmate dearly, and also occasionally hearing from them, glad to know I’m not the only person this happens to. Thanks for posting.

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