• Our adventure left me heartbroken.

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    Dear You,

    One day, I was walking into church and me and my mom were asked to help out. We agreed. That was three years ago.

    A lot has happened since then.

    I have to admit that I thought you were cute. I was sort of happy that I had an excuse to be with you. We had an interesting relationship… everyone said that we liked each other. My ex-boyfriend told me that you look at me special. My ex-boyfriend said that you liked me, while we were dating…. I found that interesting. My friend said she caught you “undressing me with your eyes” during church. You sister made a witty comment about you liking me and you got so pissed off. I still wonder why you got pissed off. Is it because you did or…? Some guy at my friends party thought that you liked me. I don’t know, maybe we did have some sort of connection. I’ve definitely liked you on and off. My mom’s friend thought she sensed sexual tension between us. But nothing ever happened. I remember the first time we hugged, it was only because my friend hugged you first. And I got your number because you heard me say something wrong.

    Even though our relationship was purely platonic, I was always there for you. When we met, you had this girlfriend. You guys fought so much. You would come to church sad, and I was always there to comfort you. Always. I know I’ve helped you a lot. I’d text you the next day and asked if you were okay. I cared so much.

    Our relationship started becoming much less awkward. I liked that. Then you met my friend, and thats when everything changed. You texted me that night and asked her name. Said she was cute. I must admit that that hurt me a little bit. I shook it off. I didn’t realize how much you were going to end up liking her.

    Pretty soon you started changing. You started liking her more and more, and you left me behind. Pretty soon, I felt like I was worth nothing to you. You would give her a big hug and not even hug me. You would get between us and talk to her and just push me out of the conversation. It became worse. Pretty soon you would get angry at me for no reason. I would be sad, you would ignore me unless she was watching and then you would comfort me “like the good friend you were”. And when you guys got closer she would tease you in a friendly way and you’d laugh. I’d do the same exact thing you would yell at me. One day I got so frustrated I yelled at you and left crying. My mom was freaking out and you sent me a text apologizing and I really didn’t want to accept it.

    We’ve known each other for three years and you’ve never gotten me anything. You searched and searched for something for my friend after knowing her for a few months. I’ve gotten you gifts, just saying.

    I would tell people about it and they are just like oh he’s just being a guy. Or they told me I was exaggerating. Or that I should grow up. No one knew how much you hurt me. I talked to one of your friends about it, and he told me to be the bigger person, because I am older. I really wanted to, I really tried to. Its really hard. I started to hate you.

    Now you are dating a new girl. And doing the same thing to my friend that you did to me. So I guess that whenever you some new girl you like you just leave the other girl behind. That’s really rude. You are being nicer to me now, despite the fact that you didn’t go to church before I leave on vacation for three weeks. Glad to see that you are going to miss me. Oh and thanks for responding to my text. I wonder if you are being nicer to me because you are fighting with my friend?

    You continually break my heart, make me cry, and sometimes I hate you, sometimes I love you. I don’t know what to do with you…

    Thanks for breaking my heart,

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