• Lindsay 1

    by  • July 5, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Love - Pure and Simple • 0 Comments

    Hey there. You know, life sucks sometimes. Sometimes, I just wanna crawl in a hole. Isolate myself from other people. But you know what? Anytime i have that thought, I tell myself to shut up. Because i think of you. I think of all the great times we’ve had, and all the even better times that are to come. I think of how amazing our life is going to be after these tough few months. How amazing it’s gonna be once our parents realize that even though they’ve said we’re not allowed to talk, we’re still madly in love with each other. if anything, even more than we were before this entire issue. We’re gonna prove everyone who ever doubted us wrong. Plus, they wont be invited to the wedding 🙂 I love you. You are my sunshine… My only sunshine… you make me happy. When skies are gray. You’ll never notice how much i love you. So please, don’t take my sunshine away. I love you. Forever and always no matter what. No matter how much we argue, or how long we aren’t allowed to talk for. I will still love you more than life. You will still be my life. I FREAKING LOVE YOU. sososososososo much. Nothing will ever change that. nothing will seperate us. Nothing ever. I love you. Forever and always no matter what <3

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