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    Okay so how many times do you want me to tell you that I truly DO NOT like Chris?? Really I’ll tell you forever on end if you would like…I really just love you. Why would i even like Chris?? I know there was this one time in history class that may have seemed like we were flirting and it may have seemed like it to him too, but that meant nothing to me. And it’s kinda your fault anyway, because you didn’t even ask him to move so you could sit there. I think that kind of okayed the whole thing to him. And tell mr hunter that he can mind his own fucking business. He shouldn’t be this much in our relationship that he pretty much controls how you think of me. Like it really annoys me that you let this shit go on for this long. And then he’ll go off telling you things that never happened and that I was/is in love with Chris and want to be with him and not you. Then go and make jokes about it that are only funny to him and his attachment, Dana. And just to let you know I hate being around dana and hunter when they’re together, but I do it for you!! How come you never get that?? I do so much for you that goes unnoticed…I would just like you to see all that I do…just once. And please don’t ever say that hunter and dana have a perfect relationship, because they really don’t..they don’t even think so. Perfect isn’t having the guy thinks he loves the girl but only stays with her for physical attention and has to show everyone that they have physical attraction to each other. And the girl having to put make up on and get dressed nice just to see the guy. perfect is loving each other and knowing you love each other and are always with that person as much as possible and kiss when they feel like it not to just show off and could just talk to that person all day long and can act themselves around each other and don’t have to get dressed nice and wear make up and can just show your whole inner self to that person. thats what a relationship should have so im sorry that you don’t make any moves for ours to be like that…like seriously you don’t do a lot…but when you do it’s so amazing. why don’t you just make some moves..i’m sure you have more experience than me. and the whole blow up about dana messaging you…i’m really sorry. You need to know that i get very jealous very easily. It started when i was little and bit kids and then would have to make sure my mom only paid attention to me too. now i hate when you talk to my sis. i’m sorry. its a love thing and i really can’t control my feeling. i love you though and would really love it if you would become sort of lovey-dovey…

    ~your girlfrind that tries very hard to kep the realtionship afloat..

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