• Too bad we’re just friends

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    I’ve been hurt so badly before, and I’ve done very well not to become attached to anyone who has shown interest in me for the last year. I won’t say her name but she did me very wrong. I haven’t felt anything for anyone, until you came along. Just the thought of you brings a smile to my face and it’s such a tragedy that you don’t feel the same.

    Even though you would never admit it, I love that face that you’re a hopeless romantic. It’s a trait we both share and it looks beautiful on you. The way you so innocently say things that drive me mad with thought. The way you spend all day walking around in my mind. Or how you make me feel like I’m not a complete failure even when the rest of the world would probably argue that.

    You’ve given me inspiration, I’m writing for the first time in I can’t remember, and it’s not the same old garbage, it’s a new feeling, one I can’t quite put to paper. It’s almost like the air is thicker around me, it’s terribly intoxicating. I love the way you’re never too terribly impressed by the things that usually drive other girls crazy, like my voice or my guitar.

    At the same time I hate the way you overlook me and how you worry over him, he who ignores you so and treats you like a nobody. I’m so sad about how you can’t seem to get over him, so sad about how I’m somehow your best friend when all I want to do is to hold you. I know I’ve never been the type to crave affection from anyone. Can’t this one time be a little different for me. How long do I have to play second place to people like him. You’ve been so careless with my heart.

    As amazing as I would be to you, I’m afraid it’s time I take my heart and move on.

    Gentleman in the back

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