• Thank you.

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    Thank you dad. Or should I say father? Better yet, I should say sperm donor. You don’t care about me. You don’t care about my brother. I highly doubt that you ever have or that you ever will. You left us. You left us for some woman that you met online. Oh, she’s from New York. She’s older, she’s wiser, she’s not our mother. You left me here, your own daughter. You left me crying in a chair wondering if you were lying, if you’d ever be back, if I’d ever see you again.

    But you know what? Things have changed in those seven years. I don’t care that you’re gone. I’m freaking happy that you’ve left. You have treated my brother, mother, and I very wrong. I’m glad that you are happy with her. Best of all, I’m glad that you’re gone. You’re out of my life for ever and I’m very happy about that. You are nothing but an abuser and a molester and I’m glad that you are gone.

    She’s moved on. Her best friend is here with us now and has been for a few years. He treats me like the father that I deserved, like the dad that I needed. My boyfriend is here for me. He’s glad that you are gone. His dad treats me better than you ever have and ever will.

    Your little girl is twenty now. She knows all that you’ve done wrong and she’s glad that you’re gone. I’m happy to admit that when I get married, mom’s best friend will be walking me down the aisle, not you. When I have kids, you’ll never see them and I’m damn happy that you’ll never have the chance to hurt them like you hurt me.

    Stay out of my life, I’m better off without you. My brother is better off without you. My mother is better off without you. And my future is brighter without you in it.

    The twenty year old you left in Michigan

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