• Stuck

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    I don’t know how to say this but I am stuck. Around two years ago, you tell me that you’ve fallen for me. It was right after I got out of a serious relationship and you were in one. Apparently, you wanted me to wait and I didn’t. How is a girl suppose to wait when there is so much good going for her? People say it’s timing..but I say, it’s sacrifice. I’m sorry I didn’t sacrifice my time and waited for something so unsure about. I was happy with a guy for a year and you were my best friend. Deep down in my heart, i’ve always been attracted to you. Things didn’t go anywhere but yet you still said the sweetest things to make me smile. You have kissed me..and yet I can not help but wonder why can’t we just give it a shot. Everytime we hang out, you tell me you have feelings for me. Yet you tell me a relationship is a bad idea. I’m sorry, I don’t get guys. How is it possible to tell someone how amazing and perfect they are and not give it a chance? You’re my best guy friend.. I don’t want to ruin things with you but frankly, i’m tired of chasing and keep wondering where we will end up. You tell me, we can’t force things to happen and if they are meant to they will..but in life you just gotta give things a little push and see where it ends up. I cannot emphasize this enough in your head because you’re going off to college and have your mind set. I just really do care about you..

    Life isn’t fair is it?

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