• Now and Forever More

    by  • July 4, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Breaking Up • 0 Comments

    I guess I know that I can’t make things work anymore. I’ve tried too many times and the same thing keeps tearing us apart. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone else. I can admit that I’ve messed up and treated you wrong. I have changed, and am continuing to change it’s just that you can never admit that you’ve done anything wrong. We had a relationship, we were a couple. That means that both of us messed up and I can’t keep taking all the blame.

    I said that it would be better for us to go our seperate ways. It’s the perfect time our lives are changing soon we’re going away. But it’s so difficult to run into you somewhere and you don’t even say hi. Did our relationship and friendship mean nothing?

    When I say I want to talk that doesn’t mean I want to argue, or discuss what we can do to “make it work”, yes we need to have one of those conversations because we haven’t you just stopped talking to me. When I say I want to talk it means I want to know how your day went, and tell you about mine.

    All I want to do is get to get to know you again, fall in love with our friendship once more. I just want one more chance, but I guess I know that it wont happen. You used to say ‘forever and ever’ and I still believe it. You’ll never leave my heart you were my first true love but I need to let go, move on. I know that I can do it. It’s just that I miss you.

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