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    To everyone here on “lettersillneversend”…. the only advice I can honestly give you right now is to do the opposite! send your letter! copy and paste it and send it! we live in a world of “what if’s”, but how will any of ye ever really know how the (could be should be would be) recipient of your letters is feeling if you dont let them know!!

    I know exactly how it feel to be in what you genuinely believe is “true love” with someone who wouldn’t give you the time of day, i know what it feels like to spend years at a time wondering what if! i spent three years on one person, someone who i now no longer care exists!

    i always thought he was better than me, and that my so called love was one sided, and would never be reciprocated, and i was right! i wasted three years yearning for him, and deep down i knew all along that he wasn’t good enough for me, so i told him, i told him how i felt, what i wanted, what he meant to me, he turned me down, and to be honest that was the best day of my life, because although it hurt, realistically i knew anyway, it took another 3 months afterwards, but i finally got over him, and there came a time where i went days at a time without his name entering my head, slowly but surely i got over it, but had i never said anything i’d have spent the next 3 years wasting them away waiting for him to suddenly love me!

    once i got over him, i started realising the vast amount of others the world had to offer, i wouldn’t let myself get attached to anyone, until one night i met a friend of a friend, someone who i’d known before but only briefly, we hit it off, he’s shown me the true meaning of love, he’s made me realise how i wasted away three years on someone who wasnt worth my time or effort!

    i truly believe that there is someone out there for all of us, but the people we yearn for, they will never be ours, because if they were meant to be, they would be! so to finish off, send your letters, let them know, if it works out, you’ll be happy, if not, you might finally be able to move on with yourself, and get one step further to meeting that special someone.


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