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    dear liar,

    i really don’t even know how to start this letter…i guess i’ll start by telling you how much i hate your lies! really? i talk to a guy that you like and you tell him i like him and that i am obsessed with him?! what is your problem?? then you tell our mutal friends all this crap about how i have tried to steal every one of your boyfriends and “soon-to-be boyfriends.” now they won’t talk to me because they think i am a complete bitch! i have NEVER stolen any one of your boyfriends or soon-to-be ones! i’m the one who convinced 3 of them to go out with you. if i was trying to steal them, why in the heck would i hook you guys up? think about it! i have always been there to ask them if they like you or ask them if they are mad at you and i was ALWAYS there when you would cry over them. i even went over to your house at 2am because your boyfriend broke up with you and you were crying about him.

    getting on to the subject about how good of a friend i was…when you went through your “everyone hates me…i should just die…i hate everyone” phase, i spent all of my time over at your house making you feel better. i even helped you lie to your parents about the cut on your hand cause you didn’t want them to know that you cut it on purpose. i have been there EVERY single time you’ve been through a break up, no matter what time it was. i was there to help you in the studio so you could get the lead in the ballet. i taught you the routines and gave you tips about how to impress the director. i was there for you when your parents yelled at you and made you feel like crap. i drove to your house, picked you up and we hung out for the whole night. when we were partners in class, i did most of the work cause you said you were going through a lot of issues and couldn’t focus on the project. i would stick up for you when the rest of my friends would call you a bitch and a control freak. i already had a best friend but i was always there for you. i ditched my best friend so that i could help you through hard times. and this is how you repay me? the only thing you have ever helped me do is go back to church…

    you spread lies about me that ruined my relationship with my friends. they won’t talk to me… you insulted me in so many ways…saying that i would only have a chance with the guy i like if he was so stoned that he didn’t even know it, saying lies about me talking bad about my friend behind their back… you would constantly get mad at me for talking to a guy that you: like, liked or dated. even if i have been friends with him since i was 3. you can’t control who i talk to. you get pissed off at me if i couldn’t come over to your house cause i was hanging with my family or other friends. I AM NOT YOUR PUPPET!

    when we first met, i didn’t like you at all. i hated your family cause you were all manipulators. in high school, you seemed like you had changed. i should have noticed why you haven’t kept a best friend for longer than a couple months…it’s cause you try and control them and make them feel like shit. i ignored my friends and family when they told me that i shouldn’t be friends with you, i just said that you had changed and you weren’t like the rest of your family. we started off pretty good. always hanging out, laughing and having a blast. we made funny videos and put them on youtube, had TONS on inside jokes and would just have a good time…but people change…

    i’m glad we’re not friends anymore. i feel like so much of my stress of trying to please you just lifted away. but at the same time, i’m sad we’re not friends anymore. i’m gonna miss our fun times and jokes….and everytime i hear someone say something that reminds me of you i start to miss the old days. it’s hard going to dance and not walking up to you and just laughing for no reason then mentioning one of our jokes and laughing even more. i’m the kind of person who eventually thinks that everything is my fault. sometimes i will lay in bed(like now) and start to think “what did i do wrong, i should have stopped talking to my friend so please you, i shouldn’t have said that to make you mad…” and so on. i will cry and wish we were still friends…then i try to remember all the stuff you put me through and what you have said behind my back…

    you ex-friend

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