• Joseph O.

    by  • July 4, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Letting Go • 0 Comments

    Today I ended it all with you. It’s the fourth of July. You called me 3 times last night at 3 am, but I fell asleep. It was our usual summer ritual. Text all day, phone all night.

    I know you think the reason I ended everything with you again is because of Zoe, but it’s not. You are the reason. You told me today that you try to make me upset and jealous to see if I care about you, and gauge my reaction. You also told me you are planning a visit with her. What about me? Let’s view your track record on visits with me:
    1st time: “strep throat and sinus infection”
    2nd time: “my friends don’t want to stop”
    3rd time: “you can’t visit because I’m kicked out of my house.”
    4th time: “I have to go to my family friend’s graduation”
    5th time: “You can’t visit, I’m busy with worship stuff.”

    I deserve so much better. You had so many chances over these past 7 months, but I’m all out of favors. Wish you could’ve been here PHYSICALLY here for me.


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