• I’m Sorry

    by  • July 4, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Lost Love, Waxing Poetic • 0 Comments

    It’s been six months since I last heard your voice

    And that particular conversation seems like ages ago

    I’m sorry it was awkward
    but you broke my heart

    I’m sorry I had to cut you out.
    I felt like it was the only way
    to mend.

    I’m sorry I was not a bombshell
    or a teenage musical prodigy

    I’m sorry I can’t bend backwards
    or do yoga with you

    I’m sorry I couldn’t seduce you
    or that we never even kissed.

    I’m sorry she hurt you
    and sorry you went back

    I’m sorry you never loved me
    or saw me in the light

    I’m sorry I thought we were friends
    you were never there when I needed you

    I’m sorry I was wrong
    I’m sorry you were not more honest

    You made me promise we would talk a lot

    You made me think our friendship was real

    I’ll never understand
    I wasn’t good enough

    I’m sorry I didn’t think it through
    and that I let you back in

    Only to scar me some more
    I’m sorry I let you belittle me

    and make me feel so small

    I’m sorry I didn’t listen to your new sound
    but you didn’t listen to mine

    I’m sorry you can support
    those that burned you

    You’re just like me

    You want them to love you
    like I want you to love me

    I fought for your attention
    The most venomous addiction I’ve ever had.

    I yearned for you to be closer

    Denial set in
    I knew you never loved me

    You even told me once

    Just friends

    I’m sorry you couldn’t see me
    I’m sorry you let me down

    I listened to your sorrows
    your stories,
    your life

    Yet I was still not good enough.

    I’m sorry.

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