• I wish i had the courage…

    by  • July 4, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Dating • 0 Comments

    Every day i wish i could be her.

    That girl you walked in the hallway with every day, the girl you kissed outside of my history class every day. The girl you stopped talking to me to be with. I know you guys dated for two years, but you said you were over. You promised. I just wonder sometimes if you’ll ever know how much i liked you, i was crazy about you. In my eyes, you could do no wrong. I knew talking to you would make your her hate me. But you promised you’d never go back to her. But you did. That hurt me more than you’ll ever know. And now, every time you guys break up or have a problem, you run back to me. Every time. The worst part is, i always talk to you. Every time. I am a strong, confident young woman but you cast this crazy spell over me.

    I totally know i am your back up but i just can’t help myself.

    Even though i wish i could be her, every day, i hope and i pray, that i had the courage to ignore your call.

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