• i take back everything i said.

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    Dear Caleb;

    i wrote you a letter on here a few weeks ago…i should have stayed strong, i should have said no to you. I let you back into my heart, and into my home. I wish i would have stayed away, i was in a good relationship, with a good man; a man who would never dream of doing the things you did to me. Old feelings die hard though i guess because the moment you came back into my life everything changed. I left him for you, just like you eventually left her for me. I brought you home with me, and i had never felt happier…you, however, had never felt worse. i don’t know why you couldn’t have just told me the truth, i don’t understand what i did so wrong that you didn’t even want to try anymore. Deep down i know that you aren’t the wonderful person i build you up to be…your infidelities and addiction (the addiction you passed on to me) ruined us both, and i should have taken a look at our past for a clue as to how our future would turn out. I was drunk and heartbroken when i drove you back to her, but looking back i know that it was the best thing i could have done for myself. I hate you for what you’ve done to me, and finally finding it in myself to hate you is the most liberating thing i’ve ever felt. The man i left you for? He called me to make sure i was okay after you and i broke up. i thought i loved you, but how could i ever have truly loved someone who never gave a shit about me? I was wrong, but this pain is what i needed to finally see the truth. I’m finally done, i’m free and i’ve never felt more hopeful.

    i’m going to be out living, and loving, while you waste away with your drugs and your lies. i’m not sorry at all for the way it ended.


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