• I Loved Him

    by  • July 4, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Heartbreak • 0 Comments

    I loved him, like I had never loved before. Loved him like a warm summer day on the beach with my friends; loved him like a cold winter night on my home drinking hot cocoa. I loved him like I had never loved before.

    Yes, I loved you, but you were a rose full of thorns who prickled my heart and made it sore. I loved you so much and I was willing to give up everything for you but you didn’t appreciate it.

    You were like the ocean waves, rushing forward but slowly retracting back to the sea. You’d come around when you’d see me smiling and tear me apart with your treacherous lies. But I believed you because I loved you and all you did was laugh at my face. You changed me; made me be someone stronger, wiser and ready for battle and for that I shall forever thank you.

    Still you took my heart with you and you dare not give it back to me;
    Why? If I can see that you do not love me?

    I loved you, like I never thought I’d love in my life, but now it’s all over. My heart I render to you, you may keep what you have killed, I will find someone who will replace what you have stolen and make me whole once again.

    Someone who will love me like I once loved you, someone who will never let me go when he could hold onto me ever so tightly….

    I’ll find someone and you will regret losing what I had so benevolently offered to you.

    Yes, I loved him, but that love is gone now.

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