• Dear You

    by  • July 4, 2011 • Eff Off - You - or Up • 0 Comments

    Dear DTB

    Fuck you. Fuck everything you stand for. Fuck all your lies. Fuck all your fake smiles.

    You’re as useless as everyone says you are. You’re not worth anyone’s time or thought. All you do is hurt people. You make excuses for your idiotic reasoning, but you know what? I don’t buy it anymore.

    I’m sick of trying to defend everything you do. I’m the one making excuses now. But I’m done. You are as low as everyone says you are. Your head is full of selfishness and you are absolutely self centered and conceited. And you know where that’s gotten you? Absolutely nowhere. You know you’re not happy, you tell me you’re not happy. I’m sick of listening to you feel sorry for yourself. Everytime we talk, it’s alwasys all about you. You only want me when you feel alone or empty. You think I’ll listen, but I won’t. It’s not worth it.

    You’re up and down. You’re left and right. I can’t keep up. And I’m done trying to. I’ve been trying to figure you out for way too long. I know too much and yet I still don’t know enough. I’m sick of your twisted words and malicious ways.
    I can’t do this anymore. You can’t make me feel this way. You can’t keep trying to drag me along. I don’t want to be your friend. I wish we’d never gotten this far in. I wish I didn’t let you hurt me. I wish I never let you in. I should have listened when they told me to run as fast as I can. I should have listened to myself. I didn’t. And now I’m regretting every word, every glance, every smile, every small touch, every late night conversations, everything, you.

    You have a way of minipulating everyone around you. We got nowhere yet you affected me more than almost anyone else. How? I have no idea. Why? Because I was stupid and young. You should’ve known this would happen. You knew this would happen. And yet you still manage to make me feel like a nothing. But not anymore.

    Your New Worst Enemy <3

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