• Daddy dearest

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    Daddy dearest

    I did not call you on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Father’s day this year because I hate you. I only invited you to my college graduation because I thought for once you could just focus on me and be happy… but you couldn’t. You even ruined that by going on and on about how the money that could have help paid for my education (instead of almost forcing me to drop out my senior year of college) went to buying yourself a house. A house that you will live in alone because no one wants to be around you… no one can stand to love you long enough to stay.

    Our relationship has been up and down my entire life. We have gone years without speaking because I realize what an asshole you are and how selfish you can be. Growing up I thought the bruises you left were just your way of saying “I love you” but then you moved out and I finally told everyone what you were… a monster. A drunken, angry monster that left bruises in the shape of fingerprints on his daughters arm during church. A monster that watched me take baths and sleep in your bed with you. A monster that blamed me for every unfortunate event in his life.

    I am sorry I ruined your life, but you have damaged me beyond all repair.

    I thought about calling you on father’s day, but I don’t want you to have my new phone number. I don’t want you calling me every 3 days and leaving angry messages about how I am such a terrible daughter and then tell me how much you love and miss me. I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!

    I am so tired of being up and down… I am ready to move on with my life and be a happy person without you there. I am not sorry that you will never approve of who I am and who I want to be because I am finished trying to make you happy daddy.

    I finally am making myself happy.


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