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    by  • July 4, 2011 • Heartbreak • 0 Comments

    6 months. That’s how long we knew each other before we told one another how we felt and everything started. Christmas night my dreams came true. 6 months more. That’s how long we had been “together” and you took my virginity in your truck. 3 months. That’s how long you avoided me afterwards and finally decided to talk to me again like everything was fine. 9 months. That’s how long into us being together when you finally left her. 1 year and a half. That’s how long I waited to officially be yours. 1 week. That’s how long you waited to find a girlfriend when I didn’t even know we were over. 14 years. That’s how long I’ve been friends with her. 7 months. You tell her you love her every second of everyday. But 1 1/2 years and all I get is 1 text saying “luv ya babe” and a few times I’d joke around saying no one loves me and you would say “I wouldn’t say no one.” and wink at me. 7 months without saying a single word to me and with a new girlfriend and you message me on Facebook “just to say hi” exactly a year after taking my virginity. Then delete me a week later. Why her? Why was I never good enough? I always told people “I don’t believe in love but if I did i think this is what it would feel like.” One day my heart will belong to someone who deserves it and would never hurt me. One day I’ll prove I’m better than you. 1 month. That’s how long I give you until you cheat on her too.

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