• You’re going to end up alone

    by  • July 3, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Dating • 0 Comments

    I think I was pretty patient with you. Your panic attacks, your immature arguing style. Your desire to judge others (even though you deny it). I’m a pretty easygoing guy. I could see enough positives, that I wanted to be with and your adorable daughter.

    But everything changed in literally one night. You didn’t even have the maturity to tell me what was going on for two weeks. And even then, your reason was bullshit. You obviously have some issues with people getting close to you. You say I moved things too fast. You invited ME to spend the night. YOU acted irritated on nights when I couldn’t spend the night. And when you wanted to move it back, well, we even discussed what we both wanted in the beginning. And it quickly became clear that I was just going to be used. And so when I tried to break up, YOU texted me throughout the night.

    I don’t think there are a hell of a lot of guys who will put up with that type of jerking around. And your daughter is going to quickly see how screwed up you are, and most likely will be out of there ASAP.

    But hey, it’s your life, such as it is.

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