• you miss me.

    by  • July 3, 2011 • Betrayal • 0 Comments

    dear matt.

    “I FUCKin miss you BITCH. God i lo.. you.” i met you four months ago. March 31st. From a simple add on facebook. You text me, called me, sent me messages on facebook. we used to stay up all night on the phone just talking. “i wanna meet you sooo bad babe!” you used to tell me about everything. i even helped you through your last break-up. It took a month to meet you but finally you came back from seeing your son. I met you at the mall. three days later i gave you my virginity. I put my all into being the best i could be and being there for you. but all you called it was “babe- we’re just fucking” but babe. if that was all it was that’s what i wanted. i hate you. you humiliated me. called me things i’m not. you hurt me. used me all up. then you thought your ex-girlfriend was a better idea. but hun, you made me stronger. i learned my lesson. it’s been a month and a half since i’ve seen you. and i woke up to your text this morning. i wanted to let you know that i don’t love you. i miss you but you’re so bad for me. and i want you to know hun. that i’ve met someone. he’s super nice. and it’s been more than three days. and i haven’t fucked him. he hasn’t used me. he hasn’t called me anything i’m not. but i’ll always remember you. maybe not for the best. i haven’t put my finger on it yet why i still miss you. but i know i can’t see you. because “I FUCKin miss you JACK ASS. But God i do NOT lo.. you.” i hope you realized what you’ve done.

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