• You make me pretty darn angry.

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    I just want to be enough for you. But apparently I’m not. Apparently no one is. I guess you’re just too good for anyone to get a good hold on. But you’ll take me out on a date and make me think you like me. That was my first date, you know? And it’s completley ruined because the next day I see you, you decide to have your FRIEND come tell me that you aren’t ready for anything serious. Really? You don’t have the balls to come tell me yourself? Wow I was mad at you. And thinking back on it, I’m still pretty pissed off about that.

    But that passed, we stayed friends. And now you just use me whenever you want. I’ll go to “my friend’s house” and come hook up with you in your lame excuse for a truck. A white Ford Ranger? For real? C’mon, my cat is more threatening and powerful then your ghetto ass truck.

    Damn you annoy me. You make me so angry. I really hate you sometimes. When I think about all the things you’ve done to me over the past year you’re actually pretty horrible.

    Your just like all of the other guys, and you told me you were different. But what’s really terrible is that I BELIEVED YOU. That was plain stupidity on my part.

    I don’t know what came over me when I decided to be dumb enough to fall into your little trap. You’ll charm me and play your games; and I’ll believe you. I sincerely believed that you had feelings for me. Ahhh, and the best was “I’ve seriously considered it, you know, us.” Well that just made my fucking day!

    The worst part of it is that you’re SO GOOD LOOKING. You’re like some God. That’s obviously how you get away with it all. You play baseball and you’re extremely muscular. Add on your perfect blue and green eyes and your just some gift from above. It’s so annoying!

    And of course we get along really well. You like the same things I do. You understand things about me that any other guy would think is stupid. You sing in the car like I do, even though I’d never do it if I was in the car with you. You piss me off but you give me chills at the same time. I want to punch you but I want to kiss you. I want your heart to be broken so you know what it feels like but I want to give you everything you’ve ever wanted.

    But I’m just some silly girl to you. You’re two years older than me, a jock, a stud, so we’ll never be together. But I’ll dream about it everyday. I’ll be here to talk to, to cry to, to scream at because someone else made you angry and you want to take it out on me. I’m fine with that. As long as your talking to me I’m happy.

    You make me so angry and so happy at the same time! Stop being so damn confusing.


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