• You Just had to Kiss me?

    by  • July 3, 2011 • Closure • 1 Comment

    No, No No NO NO NO! I can’t feel this way. I don’t have feelings. You make me feel so much. I fucked up, I Can’t be in a relationship where I have feelings. Do you have any clue how terrified I am? You know what makes everything worse? Her. Now it’s not me that’s stopping this. It’s her. And on top of that? in Just 2 fucking months we will have miles in between us. You’ll be in phili and I’ll still be here.

    On top of everything we’ve gone back to where we were. I’m sorry I did this to you. You’re worth so much more. So much more than me, So God Damn Much More than her. No though you’re leaving, and she gets to kiss you good bye. but wait maybe I’ll kiss your fucking cheek goodbye. because did you know, I’d rather a guy kiss my nose than my lips goodbye? it’s so much sweeter, more innocent and loving, like when you kissed my forehead. and I know it’s nothing like that. but that doesn’t keep me from dreaming
    From wishing
    From loving
    From caring
    But I’m going to stop my emotions. I’m heartless. I will cut you off. I will get over you. BECAUSE I AM ALLIE. I Don’t Have Emotions. I Don’t Cry. I Don’t Get Hurt..
    Guess what motherfucker? The day you leave? I promise that is the end of my wait. I won’t wait a day longer. Not one. I’m getting over you
    I know I am. because I know that I can. I know I’m strong.

    I still love you, but for how long?
    Sincerely Allie(;

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    1. Other A
      July 4, 2011 at 11:48 pm

      I was only a little bit surprised to find this on here. But I guess it’s a small world, right?

      Listen. GO FOR IT. You ARE better than she is and trust me, he DOES care about you. Don’t go heartless, and emotionless, and uberbitch, because YOU LOVE HIM.

      And he was just obsessed with her because she kept fucking with his head. Trust me. I did the same thing to him. That’s the only reason he’s with her. It’s the only reason he was with me.

      He actually gives a fuck about you.


      Love, love, love, love, love, a million times love,
      The Other Allie.

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