• You Chose. I Chose.

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    Dear F,
    You Chose to sit next to me that day. I chose to give you my number. You chose to stay up all night texting me when I couldn’t fall asleep because I had drunk too much coffee. I chose to look for you at school. You chose to bump into me at my locker. I chose to “accidentally” drop my stuff when you walked by to see if you would help me…you did. But what I didn’t choose was to fall in love with you. You chose to ask out another girl. I chose to sit and never tell you how I felt. I chose to listen to your girlfriend tell stories about you. You chose to never sit next to me on the bus. I chose to never confront you about why. You chose to breakup with your girlfriend. I chose to try and talk to you. You chose to ALREADY have a new girlfriend. I chose to stay up all night wondering..what if? You chose to never talk to me. I chose to try not to look at you any more. You chose to sit next to me on the bus that day. You chose to talk to me. You chose to look at me like that. I didn’t choose for my heart to go a million miles an hour. I chose to know you would never feel that. I chose to wonder why. You chose to only speak to me when there was no more spots on the bus. I chose to decide if we were meant to be, we would be.
    <3 F

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