• What are Best Friends for?

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    Dear friend (if i can still call you that),

    I don’t know what is wrong with you lately… or maybe it is me. But still, what is wrong? Anytime I talk to you, you give one-word answers or you make it seem like you’d rather talk to anyone else. You snap at me for being in the back of the house when you ring the doorbell. You make plans with your boyfriend but never seem to fit me in. You act disgusted with my new friends. You can’t even pretend to enjoy anything I say about my college compared to yours. You have changed, and so have I.

    The problem is that you don’t see it. I know I have changed. You however, think everything is the exact same. The difference… your boyfriend. That would be the root of all this. I can’t tell you this to your face because anytime I bring up Him, you pull the jealous-best-friend-card. And that is crap. I am not jealous you have a boyfriend and spend time with him. I am upset you are ditching me completely for him, that you have changed for him, that you are better than me now because you are dating him, that you’d rather hang with his friends (that you said you dislike) than me and my friends- which used to be yours too.

    What happened to spontaneous time with friends? Now I have to schedule an appointment with you just to watch a movie, and that is about as much time as I can get from you. Yet, it is always my fault when we can’t hang out because I am busy. I don’t do anything really. So if you are wondering why I haven’t talked to you in awhile, well the answer is your boy. I don’t want to ruin that, and its pointless for me to try. I don’t need yelled at for asking you spend a day with me instead of him. I got it; he is more important. Just don’t expect sympathy when he leaves you and you expect your best friend to come back and save the day. I am done saving you, especially now that you can’t manage to do anything for me.

    your supposedly Jealous-Best-Friend.

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