• The song I’ve tried to write.

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    Because of you I became a musician. I found the quote, “music speaks where words fail,” to be quite true, especially when my mind wanders to memories of us. These memories however, are not of “us” as in you being mine, and me being yours, but of one of my best friends that I so desperately love. You know me from the inside out, from my darkest secrets, to the most glorious of my triumphs. Most of all you were proud of me.

    My dear, you are perfect.

    Unfortunately my songs are rarely written, and even when they are, they fall on deaf ears. See I wrote them about you. Yet you were never truly listening. There was always some smooth talking hot guy in your life that turned out to be two-faced and causes you heart ache. So no matter how much I would write or how beautifully I may have played, you never really heard me.

    So I write this to you to say that I hope to, one day, write the song that will catch your ear on the coast of somewhere beautiful that you are and you will know that I love you.


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