• The hero of my life

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    Dear C,
    I know if I ever send you a letter like this, you will not have the intentions to read it, you’ll just throw it away and never look back, like you did with me. You once upon a time, meant everything to me. I couldn’t see the time to talk to you, and everytime I talked to you my heart stopped, my blood became hotter and the butterflies in my stomach took ecstasy and went crazy and the smile in my face stayed there for much more time than I wanted. It was the best feeling ever, I wished you felt it too, because someone who felt like this has tasted love. You want to know why I loved you so intense? you were there when no one was, when I was having the worst storm in my life, you made your own sunshine bright my life all of a sudden. But maybe it’s right what they say, easy comes easy goes. But I just wanted to let you know, you were the best thing in my life in one time, I will never regret knowing you beacuse I shared jokes, secrets and anecdotes with you and by that time I was happy. I know things change in 2 years but the C i knew 2 years ago will stay in my heart forever. I hope the new C will come to his senses and remember how he used to be. So handsome and nice, so humble and shy, so perfect. I hope you are having the time of your life with alcohol girls and no worries in the world. I know every girl in the world wants you, I know you can have any girl in the world, but just remember no girl can love you and care for you the way I do. I’ll always remember you, I’ll always will be there for you to return the favor, you saved my life in a way no one could. When you’re ready ill be there waiting for you to talk to me.

    Love, A


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