• That was the Last Time..

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    That was the last time.
    The last time I would ever
    To your fucking

    And yesterday was the last time I’ll ever let my so called, “Best Friend” play it for the billionth time.

    Back then,
    When you wrote it,
    We were so perfect.
    So happy.
    And I was soo excited to hear your song when it was done.
    I remember asking for a “preview” and you sent me the first verse. The sad thing is, I know exactly how it went: (Since I memorized the song anyways):

    “Now I’m no Casanova.
    I’m no Social Butterfly.
    But I knew that we were meant to be when I looked into her eyes.
    We talked for a while but I never once grew tired.
    But to my dismay she lives far away and to see her is my Desire.”

    Even sadder? I could type that while listening to a completely different song and I can NEVER do that. Even with my favorite songs.
    But anyways,

    I knew we were meant to be?
    I so wish that was still true,
    How much it hurts when I hear your sweet voice sing that.

    And you know what’s really shitty?
    You used a poem I wrote, for YOU, that you used for the chorus. Which was fine if you gave me credit.
    And I know EXACTLY how that went.
    I remember it took me about 45 seconds to write..:

    “So there’s this boy that has stolen my heart,
    And I can’t stand us being apart.
    Time will bring us together again.
    So we’ll just have to hope till then.”

    Of course you changed boy to girl.
    It’s not that that really bothers me.
    Because I wrote it.
    And I do believe time is going to bring us together again.
    But it’s not the ‘together’ I’m hoping for.

    But I would just like you to know..
    I almost burst into tears when I heard this line;

    “She’s cuter than her little kitten.
    She’s cooler than the North Pole..”

    Sooo chilche
    But it used to be one of my favorite parts.
    She changed the song after that part.
    I don’t think I’d have dry eyes after the part that goes;

    “Not a day goes by, nor a night has passed that I don’t think about her.
    I can hope only that we will soon be Together. Forever.”

    “Together Forever” is what I’m 99% sure ruined it.
    Even I don’t believe in Forever and I’m the one that still loves you!
    No one stays together forever..you of all people should know that. You’re more rational than I am.

    You had to be preeeetty smitten to say that. Well, sing it.
    But I also feel like you were already in doubt when you posted it.
    Only description; “I wrote this..”
    I think you were ashamed.
    Of me.
    You’re 17 and I’m 14?
    But you were so, “In Love with me” you shouldn’t have cared.
    But you obviously did.
    You couldn’t even fucking change your relationship status on Facebook.
    And that’s not just you;
    You changed it RIGHT AFTER you started dating HER.
    But who cares?
    You’re not dating now anyways.
    I don’t give a flying fuck about that anymore.
    It’s not like you’d go back to her.
    You don’t go back to exes.
    Which doesn’t matter.
    Once you break up,
    It never works again.

    But shit happening between us wouldn’t matter to me.
    Wait, crap.
    I’m not old enough..

    Oh well.
    Just thought you should know that your song Is…
    But I feel like I get stabbed in the heart when I hear it.
    At least you didn’t delete off your You Tube..
    That would make it worse..

    P.S. Yes I just I told everyone about song.
    But I didn’t give them the name.
    Because then everyone would know things they shouldn’t about you…
    You’re welcome?

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