• Maybe I will send this..

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    Dear D,

    I found something..
    This little thing that I had wrote about you a while ago.
    It was from when we were happy together.
    And I know you know I love you, but, I don’t think you knew this much.
    Because I’m not sure if I told you.
    If I did, then whatever. Just read this anyways;

    But yes, this boy has changed my life.
    He saved me from the boys at school.
    By that I mean, he saved me from falling for a douche fag that goes to our school.
    He helps me in ways that he doesn’t even know he does.
    He makes me stronger when I’m on my own. Just because I know that if I do need someone, I have him.
    He makes me not care what anyone thinks.
    The thought of him relaxes me, puts me at ease.
    This boy was always there, waiting to catch me from the hole I’ve fallen into.
    Now that he has, he’s helped me back up and out.
    I have no idea what I’d even do without him.

    Yeah I wrote that about 6 months ago..
    Too bad not all of it is still completely true.
    I wonder if you read this, it would change your thoughts toward me in some way.
    I wish you knew this site existed.
    I don’t know.
    Perhaps you do pay attention to what I post on Facebook..
    But who knows if you even saw this, weather or not you’d know it’s about you.
    I’d hope you could tell but who knows..
    Maybe you won’t have to because
    Maybe I’ll just actually send this letter to you.
    But I don’t know.
    I think I’m too afraid to..
    I shall be going now.

    H. <3

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